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Monday, April 20, 2020

This week!

Good morning staff

  Story assignments have been posted so for writers it's time to get to work. Artists and photo staff can look forward to PAG later this week.  Before we get into the 4th quarter grading stuff I wanted to remind everyone that my primary concern here is your safety and well-being. That being said if you are finding it challenging to complete posted material please communicate your concerns to me so that I can relay them over to the appropriate editors.

oh- and remember that I am in charge of grading. So if you have a concern about a grade please send it over to me, no need to get into it with your editors

4th quarter grading:

So this quarter is pass / incomplete-- what does that mean? Other than you can't fail (I'm not failing anybody anyway), I have no idea. We have not been given any specifics about this yet but are told more details will come our way shortly. For now I am just going to operate as usual with a numerical grade.

This week's assignment: (April 20-24): COVERSHEETS!

*The deadline for coversheets will be Friday April 24- I am asking that all staff members complete this so that I am in the loop regarding what you're currently working on. Writers should handle coversheets as per usual. But for everybody else please just indicate what it is you will be working on in the coming week. Photo and art are assigning social media / pag material this week and business staffers will receive instructions following Thursday's Zoom meeting. Your department heads will send over a Coversheet template later on today or tomorrow.

4th Quarter Final Assignment: Deadline May 15

*For the past five years we have gone to our feeder middle schools in the spring to promote journalism and Silver Chips. This has gone a long way to extend good will and get English classes in these schools to actually look at the paper and get kids excited about our program. We have been asked to continue this model but in elementary schools!  With that in mind I am asking that you work in small groups of 3-4 to develop an engaging and hands on lesson about journalism and the news that we can deliver to elementary school classes in the fall based around the Sesame Street clip below. (remember you need to be logged into for access)

The rubric for the final assignment is below:

Keep up the good work everyone and if you have any questions please let me know!