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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cold and Dry


Here is a link to the video "Cold and Dry" from today

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday Night Post

After a long evening of hunkering down I was able to turn around those practice AP essays pretty quickly.  Grades have been posted to gradebook (remember that the scores for this one will be formative and doubled).  Top score on this particular exercise will be 18 points.  I am really hoping that the guidance meeting doesn't take too long on Thursday so I will have time to review the material with you.   Thursday's lesson is all about happiness, so be happy that you get to read a great short story tonight and we can discuss it on Thursday.

I'm really glad you've all be so receptive to the brief writing conversations that we've had so far.  Please begin to brainstorm for your Poetry and college essays and we will get to work on Friday.  If you would like me to review any material before then just send an email over and I'll take a look ASAP.  By the way, the poems I've seen so far have been great!

Keep it up everyone and if you have any questions or concerns be sure to email me or stop by and we can discuss.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Song of Myself--- + summer reading

*I linked the entirety of "Song of Myself" on the AP handout section- you are only responsible for verse 20!

People seem a little confused about where to find the access codes for so here they are!
Period one:
ID #: 18878964

Pass: period1

Period two:
ID #: 18879006
Pass: period2

Period three:
ID #: 18879022
Pass: period3

* Remember that summer reading notes must be submitted by tonight- please email me with any questions.
Enjoy the weekend

Monday, September 3, 2018


Welcome to Mr. - this will be your one stop shop for all things English class this semester.  Homework calendars are available on the right side of the page to guide you through your assignments and deadlines.  Most assessments will also be linked over to your class handouts page for your reference.

Please make sure to look through the syllabus at your earliest convenience.  I have included material on due dates, deadlines, late work on those documents.  Your codes are on your syllabus as well.  You must be logged into your account to access the links on the site.

It should be a great semester, I have spent the summer pulling some exciting reading material and developing some fun assessments.

Remember if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me via email at or stop by to see me.