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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Final Film Project

Here are some reminders about final film project materials.

Storyboards and screenplays- deadline before the end of school on Friday May 18:
You can submit these digitally or drop them off at the English office in room 141.  The storyboards should include at least 4 or 5 panels and the screenplay should include specific film techniques and how you plan to use them.  I will be reviewing them over the weekend.  If you look through the rubrics you will notice that all roles will lose 50% if this element of the project is not submitted.

Films- deadline before 8 am on Monday May 21:
For submission of this material you can either send me a YouTube or Google Drive link or hand me a flashdrive.  If you are placing the final product on the internet somewhere make sure to provide me access, as once again, I will begin grading these immediately.

*For essays- please email me a copy of the final essay by 8 am Monday morning May 21

As usual just let me know if you have any questions