Mr. Met

Mr. Met

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SH 5 Essays

Remember Slaughterhouse Five essay must be submitted by Monday (even) and Tuesday (odd).  This is the DEADLINE- there will be no extensions here

submit to
3-5 pages
works cited
at least 2 outside sources

Please see me or email with any questions


Friday, April 15, 2016

LINK + Handout

Saving Private Ryan Packets must be turned in next class (deadline)-- the deadline for Slaughterhouse Five Questions is next class as well

Please continue to work on your Slaughterhouse Five essays... see me or email with any questions


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Field Trip

Just a reminder to have permission slips in by THURSDAY! (for real this time).  There will be a brief assignment which will be posted on the website tomorrow.

Also remember to stay up to date with our homework calendar and see me with any questions

SH5 discussion ?s deadline - FRIDAY!
SH5 final essay deadline - MAY 2/3
Final Film Project deadline- MAY 13

For those of you who are looking at schools or may have already been accepted to a school that might be a bit pricier than you had expected... check out the link below!

For those of you into documentary films or really smart people Ken Burns is giving a free lecture at the Kennedy Center on Monday May 9th-- tickets are available at NEH.GDV


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Grades + SH 5 + Field Trip

Third Quarter Grades have been finalized so if you are curious what grades you have now is the time to check it out.  Please see me with any questions you may have regarding those grades so we can clear them up prior to the end of the quarter.

*Speaking of which you must take your MCPS mid semester assessment by Thursday afternoon in order to get credit for the assignment.  Please see me ASAP if you have not yet taken the assessment

Continue working on Slaughterhouse Five- please just read!  That's all I ask...READ-- Most of the discussion questions will be completed in class but you can't pass the quizzes or complete the dqs OR speak intelligently about the text or the satirical meaning of the text if you haven't read the text

Finally, the deadline for the permission slips for our field trip is THIS FRIDAY!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


First off:
Mr. Clay's brother is working on improving the FAFSA process and would like some input from actual students. If you could take a minute to complete the survey below it would be appreciated.

Here’s a quick link:
There seems to be a substantial rise in absences on the dates of exams and paper deadlines.  Must just be an odd coincidence.  I just wanted to remind everyone that you are responsible for missed work when you are not in class.  Furthermore, it is not my responsibility to track each one of you down individually to get you the materials that you missed.... rather it is quite the opposite.  Please review the syllabus and familiarize yourselves with policies regarding due dates and deadlines.
This obviously does not apply to all of you.  In fact I would say that most of you are doing exceptional work.  I have been pleased with the level of commitment you have shown to your students and the overall engagement that I've seen in class.  So for all of you who fit into the above group... great work...keep it up. 
Please let me know if you have any questions

Friday, March 11, 2016


I have been really glad to hear such a positive response from classes on the text.  Hopefully, those of you who really despised Heller's method of storytelling will enjoy Slaughterhouse Five (which we start in about a week).  You have two major major major major assignments prior to spring break.  Your in class Catch 22 exam (which will be next class)- and your final Catch 22 essay : deadlines 22nd (even) and 23rd (odd).

START THESE PAPERS ASAP!!! Email me with questions or come in for a meeting on Monday or Tuesday.

Papers must be submitted to for credit.  Ask questions.  You can do this!

ONE FINAL NOTE:  Oddly enough attendance has been an issue on days when reading assessments are taking place.  Please remember that you must have excused absences to insure reassessment.  

*FOR THE FINAL CATCH 22 TEST- makeups will only be given up to 3:30 on Wed March 16th!  You must pick up the test in the English office with Ms. Adamson.